Project Description

We are developing safe homes in a historic environment consisting of approximately 50 apartments. The apartments will be modern and spacious. They will also be climate smart without compromising the charm of the building. The project is located about 15 minutes by car from Uppsala city limits. In the vicinity is a large shopping mall and within walking distance you can find schools, local shops and restaurants etc. The bus to Uppsala stops just next to the property. Within the near future we will start offering the possibility for tenants to register their interest in this upcoming property.

The municipality

Uppsala Municipality Subdivision forecast assumes municipality forecast. Population trends in Municipality forecast sets the framework for sub-area forecast. Date Net and net migration and total population growth is the same on delområdes- and municipal levels.
A positive births and net migration allows continued population growth in the municipality of Uppsala. Until 2020 population growth is expected to average 2500 people per year. The population is increasing in most age groups. The population structure, in terms of the proportion of the population in different age groups, however, will change. The proportion of elderly will increase while the proportion of young adults will decrease.
On sub-level, the biggest population change in areas where new construction underway or planned. Ongoing and future construction in including Rosendal and the Chapel Gärdet expected to result in a sharp population growth in the districts Kåbo and Kvarngärdet during the forecast period. Other areas with large housing construction and population growth are among other Kungsangen, Sala hill, Luthagen and Librobäck.