This project is located in a municipality in the region of Scania in Sweden. Due to contractual reasons we are not yet able to fully disclose the exact location or municipality.

Project Description

Exciting development in expanding city. In the middle of a south Swedish town Granitporten intends to develop real estate for tenants wishing to rent their homes. The land parcel currently consists of a small park. The town is a part of Scania county and is a short distance from the sea. The area is detailed planned by the municipality.

The municipality

The municipality is located in the south of Sweden and the project is overlooking the coast. The population of this municipality has grown during the last 30 years. It has a good mix of industry, services, logistics, and government employment offers to its citizens. It also offers a very competitive educational environment. The town is within very easy commuting distance to even more offerings leading to a high quality of life. Despite being a more city centre location the project will still offer nature experiences by being very near the coast.