Board Members:

Peter Wittsten

Chairman of the Board
Peter Wittsten (PW) was born 1946 in Malmö, Sweden After high school in Malmö PW was graduated as civil engineer and master of economy in Lund. PW got a wide experience in building projects – small and large until he was appointed MD of the NCC Danish subsidiary in 1980. Following that appointment PW became Director of Danica Ejendomme, at the time Denmark´s largest property investor (pension fund). PW then switched to the agency side becoming MD of CB Richard Ellis, Denmark (CB RE being the largest property advisor in the world). PW concluded his employment career as MD of a large investor and developer of Parking facilities in Copenhagen. PW has also during his long career in property related areas achieved a vast experience in project development and general business in Europe, USA and parts of Africa.

Peter Hagerman

Peter Hagerman (PH) was born 1955. After highschool, PH studied economy and took a university degree in accountant finance. PH has worked as stock exchange broker and CEO in his own finance security companies In 2002 PH was appointed CEO of a Hedge Fund in Sweden. PH now works as a senior advisor in the Corporate Finance sector

Peter Lilliehöök

Peter Lilliehöök (PL) was born 1960 in Stockholm, Sweden. After high school in Stockholm he studied economics and law at Stockholm University. Trained financial analyst at IFL, Worked in the financial market for over 25 years, Asset manager at Handelsbanken, Seller Insurance Skandia Liv, Institutional Brokers – Civic Fondkommission, Consensus Fondkommission and Midland Bank / James Capel, Asset manager – Catella Kapitalförvaltning, Asset manager and Corporate Finance – Tempelman AB, Corporate Finance – Spectra Fondkommission AB, Corporate Finance – Coporate Euity AB, Corporate Finance – Careeria Invest AB.

Executives :

Ingvar Mireau

Ingvar Mireau (IM) was born 1963. After highschool he started as trainee at Euroc. IM has been working in Middle East as project manager for Thyssen Rheinstahl. He has also worked as projekt manager in both Sweden and Germany. IM has also worked with sales and marketing. 2009 IM startet to work with project financing together with Swedish and German advisors. Today IM is working with project financing and project management.