The municipality

Österåker is a municipality in the County of Stockholm. A part of the municipality is part of the archipelago and Ljusterö is a beautiful island accessed by car ferry from the mainland. Like all municipalities in Stockholm County Österåker municipality is growing dramatically. Österåker is characterized by a relatively young population and strong entrepreneurial citizens. A large part of the people living on Ljusterö are owners of small businesses or self employed. The archipelago and the amazing Roslagen nature provides many possibilities to combine a prosperous career with unique living and leisure activities.

Currently 400-500 new homes are constructed every year in the municipality. Österåker is part of the Stockholm region’s labor market and one of the municipalities in the whole of Sweden with the lowest unemployment rate, 3.7 percent in December 2014. About 80 percent of Österåker residents are working, around 50 percent commute daily to other parts of the region.