Bergslagen south is located in a beautiful part of the municipality and is surrounded by a number of very nice buildings of old architectural style which is typical for the region. One of the town’s most distinguished country houses is the nearest neighbor.

Project Description

Nearly a century ago the last iron ore mine closed and a new era started for what many would consider being the cradle of Swedish industrialisation. History is present in this area, in the local buildings and will also be transferred into our new development of rental homes. The project is located 10 minutes walk from the centre of a small town that has all the amenities required for a convenient life. By using the latest technology in energy efficiency and layout we will be able to offer tremendous homes at a very cost effective price.
The homes and buildings will be designed around pleasant inner squares that will enhance the coexistence and improve the social interaction between the tenants. Some of the houses and internal squares of the project will focus on families with children, and some on the +55 segment. The development will allow the different generations to interact and socialize seamlessly. The homes will be extremely energy efficient and offer true green living to the tenants. Renewable energy, recycling and environmentally friendly policies will be the focus of the management of these homes.

The municipality

A growing municipality located in the centre of Sweden and the population has grown the last years and is forecasted to keep on growing for at least the coming five to ten years. The vast population in the municipality commute to nearby municipalities for work, but a number are also employed by the very vibrant local economy.
The town is located in the what can be considered the cradle of Swedish industrial revolution, Bergslagen. The iron ore mines in the town and the surrounding region led to businesses being established since the 16th century. The centre of the town is very beautiful with a large number of old building showcasing the importance of this region during a long period. The local area offers unrivalled natural experiences, large lakes and rivers for fishing and boating, three golf courses less than 30 minutes away, forests for hiking, hunting, picking mushrooms etc.